Exposure is the key to gaining knowledge, and there is no greater way to expose one’s self than to get into a car, train or airplane and travel to a different city or country.  When you travel, you get to meet new people, learn their culture, see wondrous sites and experience festivals that you never would have imagined if you had stayed at home.  Though it may take some planning, it can always be said that traveling, especially with kids, would be both time and money that would be well spent.


Kelowna, A Great Place to Visit, With or Without Kids

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a hideaway that is close to nature, or a town where you can shop and try out new food, you will find it in Kelowna.  Situated in the province of British Columbia, Kelowna has much to offer for every type of traveler, whether he or she is in search for adventure, or simply desiring a time to relax.

Children never get tire of water, and this is the same reason why they will never be tire of Kelowna.  With the number of beaches close to the city, the fun will never end.  Building sand castles, burying each other or simply splashing in the waves would give the children fun memories and have them waking the next day yearning for more.

Beaches don’t have to be the only natural wonder that children are exposed to. Grassy hills and wonderful views can also enthrall them, and these are numerous in Kelowna.  Just minutes away from the city are hiking pathways that lead to picnic areas with breathtaking sceneries.  Not much can be more relaxing than a meal on the grass while enjoying the passing cool and crisp breeze.

Of course, no one should forget the wine.  Kelowna is known for its vineyards and orchards, and the wine is excellent.  Most of the festivals in this area revolve around this delicious liquid, and you are sure to take more than just a bottle home with you when you sample what this area has to offer.


World Class Tourism, World Class Rest

At the end of each day, you would of course need a great place to rest, and that would require an excellent downtown Kelowna hotel.  Though once again, the town has a lot to offer its guests, a lot of people would still recommend the Ramada Hotel in Kelowna BC.  Located at the heart of the Okanagan Valley, this hotel becomes the perfect place to stay whether in town for business or pleasure.

With 135 rooms and suites, it is practically impossible to not find a room you would love.  These rooms range from Deluxe rooms to two level loft suites and themed suites, perfect for bringing the entire family, and even hosting a small gathering within one of the rooms.  And since the Kelowna Ramada Hotel and Conference Center is a pet friendly hotel, you can be sure to travel without leaving any member of the family behind.

You definitely have no reason not to visit Kelowna.  So if you find yourself with free time, get yourself (and perhaps your family) some downtown Kelowna fun this autumn.  Book a room at the Ramada hotel in Kelowna, and create some memorable experiences for you and your loved ones.